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Formation Programmes Vianney College students follow a set course of studies: First Year Spiritual year Second and Third Years Philosophy Fourth Year (1st Semester) Pastoral work in a parish Clinical Pastoral Education in the hospital 30 Day Retreat Fourth Year (2nd Semester)  7th Year Theology Eighth Year Indefinite period of pastoral placement usually as a Deacon Vianney College students may, after completion of third year, undertake a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) from Charles Sturt University (CSU). This degree may be undertaken either by external or internal modes. Vianney College students having completed Year 3 will gain 2/3 credit for the B.A. degree awarded by CSU. Vianney College students are required to complete satisfactorily eight subjects, 1/3 of a degree. Bachelor of Sacred Theology  Urbaniana University Rome On the 21 April 1998 the Congregation for Catholic Education affiliated Vianney College to the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome. Vianney College Students may after completion of four years of theological studies sit for an exam leading to a Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree (S.T.B.). The degree is awarded by the Urbaniana University upon recommendation of the Vianney College examiners and after consideration of the students academic record during the previous four years.